Friday, 1 July 2011

Sims 3 Legacy ??

a Sims 3 legacy is something you do when you're bored of the plain ol' family hopping in your Sims 3 towns :P of course there is a challenge in this, or so I've been told and also there are rules .. i play by some of the rules, but no challenges! they tend to steal the fun from the game :(

this is a link for the rules :

i am intending to follow some of the rules as said, also I'll keep you updated in the form of a story or a biography of how my Matriarchy's legacy goes.

tune in to see what Jacky turns out like and what is her "Aspiration" or "Life Time Wish" is.

i hope if you're doing the same, share with me :) tell me who they are, which generation and what they are up to (i could "borrow" ideas! :P)

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