Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Incoming !!

being a couple, Jacky and Hank Goddard -her boyfriend- didn't agree on any kind of commitment for any reason because Hank had commitment issues.

but Jacky got pregnant, and Hank actually freaked out as she got her cramps in the bathroom. 

The little bundle of so-called joy was a boy, he had the brave and Athletic traits like his mommy. Hank and Jacky argued about giving the child away.. Jacky won the argument and kept her son.

 Jason gave life to the house, like waking up Jacky in the middle of the night for being lonely or turning smelly in the hands of Hank. Life between Jacky and hank got harder, that made Jacky spend as much time as she can outside the house and away from hank as possible to avoid fighting in front of Jason.

She met Mr. Mysterious Bearded in the GYM and things got from being friends to become a secret affair.

 that didn't end too well for Jacky, and Hank thought he "slipped" again. Mr. Beard got pushed away by Jacky and got told that the baby is Hank's.

hank went on an assignment for the force and Jacky quit to raise Jason and the baby to come. She gave Jason all the attention he deserved, and gained a few pounds in the way, too.

The night Hank came home, Jacky made him his favorite meal and told him that she will use her savings to put the warehouse to business .. and he is no longer wanted in her life .... To Be Continued ....

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