Sunday, 3 July 2011

Jacky Jade.. Kicked out of SimCity Orphenage to Sunset Valley

This is the first chapter of my Sims 3 legacy story. I'm not that good a story teller but I'll do my best.
Hello, this is Jacky Jade. She just got kicked out of the orphanage to go live in her late uncle's property in the "rich neighborhood" which she thought was at least a villa !and he also left her a warehouse, which was a dump of a building, how could she ever use that ??

the property turned out to be this !! a room with no roof and no flooring, just walls!! she bought with the 1,300 $ that she had enough things to make it a place to stay till she figured out how she's gonna use the rest of her inheritance with no money left.

first, she went to have a bath in the GYM, cauz she had no proper plumbing.and of course she sneaked in.
for having the genius trait, she is a bit of a slow thinker. Jacky got the idea of getting a job after a few "simish" hours.

the only job she found (that matched her "International Super Spy" lifetime wish) was a Snitch at the PD. after that she went on exploring the town.

in the park she met a guy. a cute guy !! *click* and we have a new target !!

couple of promotions later and Jacky managed to put a roof above her head, wallpaper, decent carpeting and she even got a shower !!

the next day she bought a sofa !! "Beginners CC from ATS3"

being a cop and a protector of the town didn't leave much for Jacky's social life ... or her warehouse to renovate ...

but she managed to find time for a few dates with that hunk of a dude ;)

after a while of dating and going out, Jacky got her boyfriend to move in. 

with both of their salaries they managed to make the small place they lived in as decent as possible.

they worked hard to make their life better day by day.

and being on the same career track made it easier for them to live together...

they ate, watched tv and went to bed together and in the same time. from time to time they built skills together.
Jacky believed that this is the "happily ever after" she dreamed of, but there was trouble in paradise... tune in to know what happened !!

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